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Coronavirus alert

Further restrictions for shopping centers

The most recent Regulation tightens the restrictions on retail and services in commercial developments of over 2,000 m2. Limitations applicable to office buildings (canteens, restaurants, cafés) have been extended without any major modifications.

Starting from March 21, 2020, what entities can operate in retail complexes of over 2,000 m2?

1. Tenants whose main business consists in the sale of:

a. groceries;
b. cosmetics other than fragrances and beauty products;
c. toiletries;
d. cleaning agents;
e. medicinal products (incl. ones sold at pharmacies);
f. medical devices;
g. foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses, as defined in article 3 section 3 item 43 of the Food and Nutrition Safety Act of August 25, 2006;
h. newspapers;
i. construction / DIY products;
j. pet supplies; or
k. fuels;

2. Tenants offering the following types of services as their main business activity: medical, banking, insurance, postal or laundry services, or preparation of food for takeaway and/or delivery only.

Any Tenants other than listed in items 1 and 2 above cannot run their operations.

It is now completely forbidden to conduct any retail operations or offer any services (the Regulation implies that the ban covers all types of services) at retail stands/kiosks in malls.

Some Tenants that could conduct their business until today will now have to close their stores for customers – this applies to travel agencies, telecommunications services, jewelers, etc.

We are analyzing the newly-adopted Regulation and will be ready to assist you further in no time.

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